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About Us

The Working Group’s purpose is to develop and propose competency standards that can be used by the international community to assist in shaping the required competencies and capabilities of operators, and other persons involved in the operation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship’s / Maritime Autonomous Ship System’s (MASS).

In the absence of a regulatory framework that incorporates MASS, the Working Group members have undertaken to understand new competencies. This will be achieved by capturing concepts of operations, and assessing the gap between the competencies currently recognised in the STCW Code and the competencies deemed to be required for the operation of MASS.

The Working Group will present the standards developed to the International Maritime Organization (the "IMO") thereby;

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Facilitating the international community to enact reskilling and upskilling of the conventional workforce to conduct MASS Operations, and

Provide new entrants to the industry with the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours to become suitably qualified to operate MASS.

Process for Competency Standards Development
Stage 1

Standards developed following stakeholder engagement on MASS concept of operations

Stage 2

MASSPeople members review and submit feedback

Stage 3

Feedback is collated and reviewed prior to group meetings

Stage 4

​Amendments are reviewed and agreed at group meetings

Stage 5

​Standards agreed, and paper produced making recommendations to IMO

The MASSPeople working group contribution to knowledge will assist the international community to safeguard progression in the technology-people partnership, underpinning the workforce's changing needs, and providing recommendations on new competency standards for consideration by the IMO.

Working with NGO's

With special thanks to the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) for working with us to facilitate our first Submission to the IMO’s MSC Intersessional Working Group.​


We also look forward to linking the work of MASSPeople with the IMarEST MASS Special Interest Group and their work in stakeholder engagement. 


Click here to see the submission

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